Ending a football banning order early

When people are convicted of criminal offences arising from football matches then the courts can impose a football banning order.  This will preventing a person from attending football matches for a specified period of time.

Football banning orders can last between 2 and 10 years.  They will  normally remain in force long after any other punishment imposed by the courts.  People and circumstances will change with the passage of time.

Can I ask for my Football Banning Order to be ended early?


When can I do this?

An application can be made to end a football banning order after two thirds of the order has been completed.  For example,  if a person received a 3 year order they can apply to end it after 2 years.

How do I do this?

An application must be lodged at the court where the football banning order was made.  The police will be informed of the application.  Our football law specialists can assist in this process.

The case will then be listed for a hearing at the court so that the argument can be made.

What will the court consider in deciding the application?

The court will listen to the reasons put forward by the person who wants the order removed.  The court will then hear any reasons from the police as to why the order should remain in force.

The court will consider any factors that appear relevant.  Common key things might include:

  • The character of the person applying
  • The nature and circumstances of the original offending
  • Conduct since the football banning order was made

What will the police Say?

The police have the right to make representations to the court telling them what they think about an application.   Although each police force will deal with such cases differently, they are entitled to attend and tell the court why any order ought to continue.

How can our lawyers assist?

Attending court to make an application and giving explaining your reasons before Magistrates or a judge is likely to be a daunting prospect.  By instructing one of our football law specialists  you can pass the burden of preparing your case and making representations to the court to us.  We will also secure any extra evidence that could support your application.

You will no longer be on your own presenting your case and it means that we will be able to deal with any points raised by the police if they are opposing your application.


Legal aid is not usually available for such an application.  In straight forward cases, however, we will be able to represent you by way of an affordable fixed fee.  This means that you will know our costs and there will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of your case.

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