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Football Related Offences

Football is the nation’s favourite game, and one widely enjoyed by staff at across all of VHS Fletchers offices. We know how the passion and excitement of the game can make people experience exceptional highs and lows which, on occasion, can mean that people act in a way that brings them to the attention of match day stewards and on occasions the Police.

Here at VHS Fletchers we have a long history of assisting individuals in connection with football related incidents, both when being interviewed by the Police or when before the Courts.

Types of football related offences that usually feature in a police investigation can include:

  • Assault
  • Criminal Damage
  • Pubic Order Offences
  • Throwing of missiles onto the playing area or into the crowd
  • Racist or indecent chanting at a football match
  • Going onto the playing area
  • Possession of alcohol at or upon entering a designated sporting event
  • Being drunk at a designated sporting event
  • Having a flare or firework etc. whilst entering, trying to enter or being at a designated sports ground during the period of a designated sporting event

How can we help?

With the increase in CCTV at football matches and surrounding venues it is often the case that the police contact individuals for a voluntary interview in some cases weeks, and perhaps months, after the matches have been played. The importance of a voluntary interview is the same as an interview upon arrest.

From our multiple locations across the East Midlands our experts in criminal law are able to travel and provide legal advice across England and Wales at an interview with the police for a football related offence at any time of day or night.

In advance of the interview starting we will receive disclosure from the police to determine what you are being accused of and establish what defences may be available to you. Having a solicitor prevents the police from wrongly advising you on the law or misinterpreting what you have to say.

If, following your interview, you are charged or receive a postal summons to attend court in relation to any football related matter the team of solicitors and litigators at VHS Fletchers Solicitors will provide you with legal representation at court by experienced criminal lawyers.

Football Banning Orders

In addition to the possibility of being prosecuted for a criminal offence the police will almost always also apply for a football banning order against any individual convicted of a football related offence before a Court.

Football banning orders prevent a person from various acts including from attending all FA approved football matches for a minimum of 3 years. This can have a major impact upon someone’s social life and as such is often the issue that causes greatest distress to those charged with Football related offences.

We can assist in opposing these applications, ensuring any terms are accurate and applying for the revocation of such orders after 2 years.

More detailed information in relation to Football Banning Orders can be found here.


Whilst some football law solicitors will only accept cases where you can afford to pay private fees, here at VHS Fletchers we are able to offer the opportunity of free advice and representation at both the police interview and court stages of a case under our legal aid contract with the government.

Advice and representation in police interview will always be free of charge to you.

If you do not qualify for legal aid then we will be able to offer competitive fixed rate private fees for the defence of your football related offence.

You can read more about criminal legal aid here.

Recent cases

In this case Chesterfield crime solicitor Ben Strelley persuaded a District Judge to revisit his initial view of the CCTV in the case and argued against the imposition of a football banning order.

Solicitor advocate Graham Heathcote successfully appealed the imposition of a football banning order by Nottingham Youth Court here.

Chesterfield solicitor advocate Kevin Tomlinson led our team that secured suspended sentences for a serious incident of violence but no football banning orders in this case.

Immediate prison sentences were avoided for our clients who were sentenced for a football offence in breach of a suspended sentence and for serious football related disorder.

A football banning order was avoided for a client guilty of a public order offence on a train home from a match.

For more information regarding these issues or to arrange an appointment with one of our expert lawyers please contact your nearest office here or use the form below to email us.

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