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Client Feedback for Chesterfield

We are beginning the process of analysing the client feedback questionnaires that we have received over the last 6 months and will have the full analysis soon.  The comments will soon appear on a testimonials page, but we have taken the view that testimonials should be current and regularly updated.

Client satisfaction is important to us, and of course key to securing of repeat business or referrals onwards to family, friends or associates.

As a result, at the beginning of the process, it is gratifying to note some of the Feedback for the Chesterfield office.  Kevin Tomlinson is described by one client as doing ‘the best for me as I’m sure you do others’.  He describes contact being very easy to make, and previous dealing meant that the client and his family ‘knew we would get good service’.  He offered a ‘big thank you’ for Kevin’s support and honesty.

A second client commented that Kevin provided a ‘courteous, professional service, [feeling] fully represented in a fair and honest way to obtain the best outcome’.  This client has chosen Kevin as advocate on the basis of a favourable review from a neighbour.

Rob Lowe represents clients in the police station.  A client who had chosen to use our firm following an internet search had this to say about Rob – ‘Your help was very good and informative…I have only good comments to make about your service’.

A client who met Rob when he asked for the Duty Solicitor gave the following client feedback:  ‘Rob Lowe was excellent in advising me on everything’ and would be certain to recommend him to others.

David Gittins has only been working in Chesterfield for 15 months and as a result wouldn’t be known to clients who had previously dealt with the criminal department of Banner Jones solicitors who previously undertook criminal work from this office.  As a result, it is pleasing to here that a client of Banner Jones made the following comment about David – ‘Your service to me was excellent and the outcome was better than expected.  Thank you.’

Another client who used David through ‘word of mouth’ described ‘a very good service with no hassle’.

A Crown Court client made full use of the questionnaire to praise Ruth Campbell for the work that she and his in-house barrister Steve Gosnell  undertook on his behalf.  He describes the service as ‘excellent in all areas’ and described how he felt he was treated fairly and that the barrister ‘…was always direct and very professional’.  He was pleased that he had the benefit of legal aid that was free to him, and he extended thanks to everyone involved.

Prospective clients will soon be able to read more client feedback once we have updated the website, in order to be assured of the high level of quality advice and representation that this firm provides across all five offices and nationwide.
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