Environmental Law

Few areas of Law have grown at quite the pace that Environmental legislation has over the last decade. Increasingly strict obligations can often be the consequence of legislation designed to minimise the impact of business on the environment.

Stringent conditions on permits can also combine to make it far more likely than ever before, that enforcement action and prosecution may follow an investigation.

Our specialist environmental law solicitors have the knowledge and experience to offer practical advice to clients in difficulty.

Our environmental lawyers can provide immediate and practical help from the moment a problem (or crisis) develops, right through to the prosecution process itself. Thereby we ensure that at all stages, our clients best interests are protected.

Managing reputational risk can be a significant factor for businesses. If you are under investigation, suspect you may be soon, or are about to be prosecuted, don’t wait.

We have offices in Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Newark.

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